Helping individuals improve strength, flexibility & posture for better lifestyle.

Welcome to DFI surf training!

DFI Surf Training is a community committed to holistic well-being. We focus on enhancing strength, flexibility, and posture to boost performance in surfing and any other sports. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our goal is to help you achieve your objectives safely and professionally. Join us to feel stronger, more functional, and comfortable in your own body while enjoying surfing and a healthier lifestyle.


We offer a methodology that guarantees improvements in your sports performance, strength, posture and body confidence.

Pablo Romeo

Super recomendable! Personalmente me cambió la vida... dejé de tener dolores y lesiones crónicas en mis lumbares debido al surf. DFI es un sistema muy efectivo y Valentín un profesional muy bien formado, motivador y siempre con la mejor energía para etrenar y ayudarnos.

Nicola Sickinger

The best surf training you can get! I’ve been going to DFI since 2 weeks and I already feel stronger, especially in my core. Valentin and Damian explain everything very well. Valentin is very passionate about DFI and you can see that he loves what he’s doing. 100% would recommend to try!

Ignacio Aliaga

The best training method I've ever had. Conscious training, if you feel like learning about your full body, incorporate great techniques of mobility and strength focus to power up your surf level and your daily activities, I strongly recommend the training with Valentin and Damian!

Joining our training now, you will:

– Improve your strength & flexibility
– Reduce the risk of injuries
– Improve your athletic performance
– Foster the care of our natural environment